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How to Hire a ReactJS Developer Online

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Over the last few years, hiring professional ReactJS developers online for job support has become quite difficult. In today's world of modern technology everyone is using Java and making it difficult for you to choose the right developer.

If you want to hire a ReactJS developer, it’s important for you to have adequate knowledge regarding the field. In any case, if you aren’t aware of how this particular technology works and how you should hire these developers, the following content can help you in hiring of a reliable and professional developer.

Who is a ReactJS Developer?

ReactJS is one of the latest and highly advanced JavaScript libraries that are used to build user interfaces. Grasping the attention of the open source community, ReactJS has precisely modernized the face of front-end development.

Maintained by Facebook, React JavaScript Library is quite famous among both individual developers and organizations. React is significantly used to develop single-page and mobile applications. In simple words, a ReactJS developer happens to be a front-end developer who has got full expertise in React.js library. Other than that, the developer should also have knowledge and experience of a number of technologies including Ajax, SOAP, JSON, NodeJS, XSLT, Canvas, and WebSockets.

Why ReactJS is so popular?

  • The algorithm ReactJS uses is ‘Virtual DOM’ that is quite powerful in terms of page structure.
  • For mobile applications and client-side, ReactJS uses a single language.
  • This particular technology is quite stable and flexible as compared to others.
  • The best thing about ReactJS is that it is component-based.
  • This particular Javascript library is SEO and user-friendly.

How to Hire a ReactJS Developer like a Pro

It's important to choose the best candidate for your ReactJS job/Job Support. The hiring process can be divided into the screening of candidates, technical interviews, and test tasks. In case you are looking forward to getting ReactJS job support from professionals, all you need to see is their built projects and the solutions they can provide for your problems.

There are some essential technical skills also that every React developer should have. The required skills may include:

  • Pure Javascript
  • Experience in working with other technologies like Angular JS.
  • Knowledge of adjacent technologies such as HTML 5, Webpack, Node, Redux, and others.
  • Complete knowledge of CSS
  • Knowledge and Experience in React Native also.

Top Questions to Hire a ReactJS Developer

  • How do you define ReactJS?
  • What challenges did you come across this particular technology?
  • How’s your expertise in JSX?
  • How do you define ‘Virtual DOM’?
  • What’s the basic difference between ‘Virtual DOM’ and ‘Real DOM’?
  • What’s the basic difference between React and Angular?
  • What's your approach to solving a React.js problem while developing a mobile application?
  • Do you know about the lifecycle method of the components in React?

In case you are an amateur developer and searching for online ReactJS support for your project, the questions you should ask include:

  • How many years of experience do you have in ReactJS?
  • What’s your timing to conduct online classes/training?
  • Can you help me finish the project before the deadline?
  • Do you offer consultancy on weekends also?
  • What’s your hourly rate?
  • Can you help me speed up my development project?

Whether you need a full-time developer for your firm or you are searching for remote online help to complete your project, it's important to evaluate the knowledge and experience of the concerned individual or firm before you take the final decision.

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