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Mobile Application Development

At Yexaa, we create mobile apps Android and iOS platforms, which are user-friendly. We also improve their access Client's Business via digital channels. Through our large technological capacities and well laid out techniques, we offer complete support ranging from research to design, creation and deployment of applications into the app stores.

We have a dedicated team of Android and iPhone app developers, which works in close association with clients to point out the needs and hence, foster a fantastic user experience in addition to actualizing your ideas.

At Yexaa, we are innovative, and we can offer a change in the paradigm of Mobile Application development. We design for excellence using our techniques and great development processes. In the end, we transform your concepts into a reliable system for generation of revenue.

We test a wide range of resolution and device types in our mobile test lab.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development services that we offer

Mobile Application Development

Android Apps

We develop reliable, robust and scalable applications within your timeline while taking care of your satisfaction through our team of qualified programmers.

Mobile Application Development

iPhone Apps

or updating of the existing iPhone apps. The team has an excellent record of creating iPhone Apps from scratch and also in modifying the current applications to cater to the needs of the end users.

Mobile Application Development

React Native Apps

We design and create React Native Applications using the User Interface building blocks’ brilliance. These apps are similar those created by Java or Objective-C.

Mobile Application Development Samples

Database Searching Web App

Database Searching Web App

VPN Protection App

VPN Protection App

HR Management Portal

HR Management Portal

Titanium Thread Hyper Ledger Solution

Titanium Thread Hyper Ledger Solution

We have over 5 yeras of experience.

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It is all about building apps and enhancing the growth of business

Yexaa is a full stack company for specializing in the development of both Hybrid and Native Apps, using modern technology. The apps are useful in boosting your business.

Design of UX

The user interface is the key to bringing the ‘amazing effect’ to mobile applications. Yexaa has got skilled personnel who can deliver an excellent mobile experience that you are seeking.

Ability to scale and interoperate

We develop designs that are interoperable and scalable, giving room for future developments to promote value for your application.

Multiple-platform coverage

It is mandatory to incorporate cross-platform reach since the users of the applications are dispersed all over. It enables us a maximum reach to all target audiences.

Compliance and security

Every task we undertake requires a particular measure of security and compliance. Some projects need more consideration than others. At Yexaa, we consider the specific security features for every industry and also the market standards from the start.


Whether you need Agile development for one app or the entire suite of mobile apps, we at Yexaa ensure that the desired results of application development offerings which lead to exclusive commercial outcomes.


At Yexaa we are fully equipped with all modern infrastructures to tackle all challenges of development.


Up to date, Yexaa has accomplished over 4500 projects, varying in size.


Yexaa maintains competitive charges as appropriate as possible. We aim at a higher efficiency by deploying efficient Resource management.


Our techniques enable us to develop dynamic apps for you very fast. It helps to decrease TTM to foster an early head start for you.


We value quality and consistency in the projects we pursue. It enables us to remain at the top in the industry.


Yexaa values transparency when dealing with customers. Clients assess the progress of the project and give a response regularly.

Cost of Mobile App Development

Many factors affect the cost estimate for mobile app development, like the platform for building the app, the technology applied, the database aspects entailed, etc. Click the below link and give a detailed description of your task to get an estimate of the cost.

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Hire developers at Yexaa was extensive, developers are highly experience at competetive price. Quick response is highly appriciated. It has been excellent experience with Yexaa.


Manager at Codefolks

Yexaa is best and having great team of problem solvers. They have a great culture and flexible plans to hire developers. Developers are supportive and always willing to listen.

Sam C

Founder of SamTechno

For us Yexaa to be perfect partner. They always deliver over and above our expectations. Their expertise helps us to develop critical App. We are very happy with Yexaa.


CEO at BMS Innolabs

In my opinion Yexaa perfectly understand our needs and know how to implement to develop App. They are extremely reliable and highly well planned. Thanks Yexaa and team.


Head of Fitser India

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