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10 Best Qualities of Java Developers

Submitted byadmin onFri, 09/06/2019 - 15:40

As we moved forward in the online world, the need for good developers to ensure better online development and results has significantly increased. Today, you can easily find developers who happen to be a jack of all trades and master of none. In fact, there has always been a shortage of true and high-caliber developers who could precisely transform your ideas into reality.

In case you are looking for a Java developer, you need to be extra careful in finding someone has a deep understanding of the platform. Here are the top 10 qualities that you must look for in a Java developer:

1. Object-Oriented Programming

Whether you are hiring java developers online from India or any other country, you must ensure that the concerned individual or firm fully understands object-oriented programming. It's because Java is an object-oriented programming language and one can't become a professional developer unless he attains command over the foundation of Java.

Having knowledge of object-oriented programming isn't enough to judge a quality Java developer. He should also have enough experience in object modeling, design patterns, polymorphism, and programming inheritance.


2. Past Projects

The benefit of hiring a highly-experienced Java developer is that you can see his past projects to have an idea of his style of work. You can easily take an idea of the strength and worth of the developer by going through the project he has developed or handled.

You should prefer developers who have worked in the same technologies that you are looking for. For example, if you need some Java development work on ‘Grails', you should look for a developer who has enough experience in this particular area of work.


3. Knowledge of Core APIs

Other than having theoretical knowledge, a good Java developer should also know the core APIs that construct the language. You should have complete knowledge and enough experience related to Java core APIs including JDBC, Generics, I/O, Exceptions, and others. In the case of web application development, the knowledge of JSPs and Servlets is a must.

4. Coding

It’s true that things look easy unless you get into them. The real strength of a quality Java developer is judged when he comes to coding. The approach the developer implements will allow you to judge the worth of the coder. His design practices along with the language limitations will give you a clear picture that whether you should hire him or not.

5. Technology Trends

Other than having Java's core knowledge, the developer should also be fully aware of the latest and advanced technology trends. In the world of software development, the technologies keep on changing and one can't be termed as a quality developer unless he gets command on all old and new Java frameworks. It happens so many times that new frameworks automatically solve many issues that create problems in old frameworks. Therefore, a good developer is the one who keeps an eye on every latest addition in Java development.

6. Communication

Communication is indeed one of the most important things in any area of work. A developer who has good communication skills will surely correlate with good skills in development because he may understand problems in a better and clearer way than others. When communication is good, things are smartly broken down into hypothesis and then solved coherently.

English is a de facto language that every developer has to learn. A good developer is the one who can speak and understand English well because he gets work details written in this international language. In the case you don’t speak/understand English well; you better hire a translator to do this job for you.

7. Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is essential to become a great programmer. Developers with positive attitude try their best to come up with something extraordinary every day. Moreover, people with this particular quality are also more caring and responsible than ordinary human beings. A good developer will surely care about your product. He’ll surely step up and meet the given deadlines. However, you shouldn’t exhaust a Java developer by recalling about a deadline rather you should give him some space and extra time to deliver the best results.

8. Curiosity

Curiosity is also a great quality that should be there is a programmer. Before you hire a Java developer online, you should make sure that he is enough curious to bring something outstanding for you. As once Samuel Johnson said,

“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.”

The above statement by Samuel Johnson is true for Java developers also. In fact, it is important throughout the life of every programmer as it helps them do something new, unique, and different all the time.

Curiosity is also the base of learning new things. When you are curious about something, you’ll surely try to know about it. Similarly, great developers apply new experiments and come up with new solutions for different issues. The learning process in a developer who has a curious nature happens to be better than ordinary ones.

9. Quick Learning

Quick learning is also one of the key qualities that you should look for in a Java developer. Self-learning should be there in the source you choose and he should also be interested in learning new technologies and solving continuous web and mobile application issues. There comes a time for every programmer when he faces a situation (a Java issue) that he sees for the first time. In that case, great programmers are those who find multiple resources to solve issues and make the situation ideal for you. All in all, the best skill in any person is the ability to learn quickly and smartly.

10. Time Management

Reliability in terms of timing is a crucial matter for all developers. No matter what the situation is, a developer has to deliver work in the given deadline. However, many developers face difficulties in completing their projects on time because of lack of time management skills.

Consequently, before you hire a Java developer, you must verify that the concerned individual or firm has got the above 10 skills. Yexaa is a professional web development and IT support agency where you can find perfect solutions for all your Java issues. We have a highly experienced Java developer who can work for you online for both a full-time and temporary basis.

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