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Looking forward to hiring professional and on-demand offshore developers? Need to expand your team with some highly skilled developers? Need professionals for support and continuous web/app development? Yexaa is the right answer to all these questions. We are a team of expert developers from India that provides valued development services across the world. We help businesses with their technology challenges and effectively enhance their work productivity.

Here at Yexaa, we transform your ideas into reality by developing the best web and app solutions. Apart from the fresh development of applications, you can also hire us for continual maintenance and migration of your applications. You can hire us on both hourly full-time bases.

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Benefits of Hiring Our Dedicated Developers from Yexaa

You can avail maximum development benefits by hiring Yexaa as your developer. We professionally coordinate with our clients, formulate plans for them, create effective strategies to support the plans, and deliver beyond your expectations.

You should hire us because:

  • Expert developers who can improve your work efficiency and reduce both the time and costs.
  • Flexible models in hiring with high-quality infrastructure and resources.
  • Protection of all kinds of intellectual property rights.
  • Effective communication, direct control, and total involvement.
  • Professional IT policy, firewall, and end-to-end encryption for a better development environment.
  • Full-time staffing rolls with no long-term liabilities.
  • Fully implemented projects through the best development practices.

We coordinate with the company once the appropriate plan has been formulated, to create a strategy which facilitates the action plan. We consider the environmental aspects of the customers and then recommend the steps that should be taken to advance.

We can convert any requirement of the user into a fully implemented project by sufficing the need for programmers to hire. Our team of experts has earned competence in creating the most viable software developments.

In the end, you will like the way our coders promote business swiftness and scalability.

We have over 5 yeras of experience.

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Choose the best hiring model for your development needs

Dedicated Team

You should hire our dedicated team if you need ongoing development support. It happens to be a pay-as-you-go rolling contract for monthly projects with monthly payments. In no time, you will come to know about our technical expertise and work process.

  • Monthly billing with no hidden costs
  • Pay only for a measurable work
  • 80 or 160 assured hours for each month’s production.
  • No other fees

Fixed Price Model

Our fixed price model is convenient for you if you have a specific project for a short time. Once we have gone through your requirements, we’ll propose you a particular fixed price for our services. We also offer timeless upgradation and cancellation.

  • Fixed price for a fixed project
  • No hidden or additions cost
  • Extra charges for additional changes
  • Payment in milestones

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Clients Say about us

Hire developers at Yexaa was extensive, developers are highly experience at competetive price. Quick response is highly appriciated. It has been excellent experience with Yexaa.


Manager at Codefolks

Yexaa is best and having great team of problem solvers. They have a great culture and flexible plans to hire developers. Developers are supportive and always willing to listen.

Sam C

Founder of SamTechno

For us Yexaa to be perfect partner. They always deliver over and above our expectations. Their expertise helps us to develop critical App. We are very happy with Yexaa.


CEO at BMS Innolabs

In my opinion Yexaa perfectly understand our needs and know how to implement to develop App. They are extremely reliable and highly well planned. Thanks Yexaa and team.


Head of Fitser India

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