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5 Essential skills of a ReactJS developer

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Whether you are an employee or an employer, it is necessary for you to have certain skills that can help you perform better at your current role. Learning about the top skills as per your role allows you to perform better and achieve your overall organizational/ career objectives.

Knowing the top 5 skills of your field becomes even more important when you are in the IT industry – especially on the development side, because this allows you to understand where you should concentrate your energy in order to excel in your career. In the following article I will tell you about the 5 essential skills of a Reach.js developer to take your knowledge to the next level.

Why you should take my word for it?

This question may have popped up in your mind and it is a right one. If haven’t asked yourself this question, then the first skill you would need is to be curious. With over a decade of experience in web application development and having worked on different programming languages, I have decided to write this article to help my fellows out there. But having that much experience, I would not want to give you inadequate information that would leave you hanging in the middle.

Therefore, I have divided 5 essential skills of a React.js developer into two sections. Section one would convey to you the not-so-technical things you need to know, whereas in the section two I will briefly discuss the 5 essential technical skills a React.js developer should have.

Section One – 5 Essential Skills of a React.js Developer [Soft Skills]

• Great communication skills

It goes without saying that any person in any field in any capacity needs to have excellent communication skills. Effective and persuasive communication is the key to success and thus if you are a React.js developer, you need to master this skill. Companies hire React.js developers who are good at communicating solutions to the clients or top management, so that they know what they are getting.

• Problem solving approach

A React.js developer should be a problem solver. Panicking when something goes wrong is not going to help you in anyway instead in the face of a problem when you come up with an effective and smart solution, then your employer or client will recognize your skills and you can grow.

• Comprehension of basic React assumptions

You should develop the ability to operate the concepts like Virtual DOM, JSX or component lifecycle without any hassles. Once you develop this ability, your worth for an employer would multiply.

• Excellent knowledge about handy tools and technologies

As a React.js developer you should have the skill to learn new things. You should constantly lookout for any handy tool or technology that can make your life easier. Moreover, you should always demonstrate willingness to learn the concepts that you are not aware of.

• Never miss any React update

Nothing technical here, but it is important for a React.js developer to be open to learning. This skill allows React.js developers to develop applications that are at par with the current trends the industry is following. Moreover, staying updated about the latest tools and technologies would ensure that you skillset never becomes obsolete.

Section Two – 5 Essential Skills of a React.js Developer [Hard Skills]

We may have many JavaScript libraries, but React stands out. It allows developer to develop UI using reusable components and enable developers to render views where there is a shift in data pattern over time. React applications are the best because they are scalable and easily maintainable. Here’s the list of top 5 essential skills a React.js developer should have:

• A solid knowledge of JavaScript

If you are a React.js developer then you should have a comprehensive knowledge of JavaScript. It is really important for developing application logic and building component. Since React is a JavaScript library, thus telling you this might be perceived as stating the obvious, but when I wrote comprehensive knowledge I meant you should know it inside-out.

• Component lifecycle

Every living creature comes into this world for a purpose, fulfills it and then dies. The case of component lifecycle is exactly the same. Components in React are born, do their job and then they die. The lifecycle approach enables developer to run their codes at particular time during the life of a component. Therefore, if you wish your React.js application to work smoothly and as per your requirements, then you must dig deeper and learn about component lifecycle.

• Higher-order components

Whether you have used higher-order component (HOC) before or not, learning about this concept is really important. A HOC is basically a function in which an old component gets replaced by a new one. HOC enables developers to abstract shared logic between components, merge them and turn them into one component.

• React state and setState

If you are a beginner and just starting out with React, learning about state should give you a better understanding how setState works and how can you benefit from it by using it prudently. However, for people with experience in React development, learning more about React states can help them understand more effective and smart ways to use it.

• React context

It basically is the global state for components. The API of React context gives you the liberty to create global components, which later can be supplied to any other component. In simple words, you can easily share data without the need of supplying props till the bottom via DOM tree. Learning about how to use a context can enhance your technical skillset and will allow you to develop better and smart React applications.

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