Pros and Cons of AngularJS

Pros and Cons of AngularJS for your business

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There isn’t any doubt that when you are choosing the right JS framework, you first and ultimate priority should be AngularJS. Moreover, it’s essential to use the correct structure framework when your business is related to the modern-day applications. This open-source framework is must for coming up with such web applications that can provide you results beyond your expectations.

What is AngularJS?

According to Wikipedia, it’s a full open-source framework that is based on JavaScript. Moreover, there is a particular community of Google through which, this front-end web application framework is maintained. The community has both individuals and organizations that help to deal with the challenges people face while developing an application using this particular framework.

Pros and Cons of AngularJS for Your Business

Indeed, there are various pros and cons of AngularJS that you should know before you start using this framework. Moreover, to help you in this selection process of yours, here are some of the most discussed pros and cons of the AngularJS framework.


It’s a Google’s Product

Since AngularJS is maintained by a community of Google engineers, you can get a potential help in all your concerns about application development and management. Moreover, it’s also the most widely used platform across the world that the majority uses for creating websites and application.

Testing and Debugging

It’s true that this framework allows you to build high testable websites and applications. Using this framework, you can easily mock and isolate all the components of the program you are developing. Unlike other frameworks, both end-to-end testing and unit testing is quite easier and faster in AngularJS.

Plain HTML Templates

Another benefit of using AngularJS is that it provides plain HTML templates that can easily be passed to the compiler. Since DOM elements aren't strings in AngularJS, the workflow becomes easier and faster for you and the reusability and extension of templates also becomes possible for you.

Better Code Style

If you are a developer, you will understand that the coding of various little functions happens to be a tough job to do for developers. However, by using AngularJS, neither you will be required to add multiple codes in a single function nor you will be wasting much time in coding for short functions. The framework allows you to write only the final steps rather than asking you to write each and every step like in mathematics.

Prototyping and Data Binding

AngularJS offers faster application prototyping and two-way data binding, the two most important elements in the process of a website or application creation. Since AngularJS makes you write lesser codes, you then also get a chance to develop sites and apps prototypes with effective functionalities.


Not for Inexperienced with MYC

In case you are not accustomed to Modern-View-Controller, using AngularJS can be quite difficult and time-consuming for you. The situation can also become worse when you are a new developer and you need to meet an urgent deadline to deliver the project. This is the reason that many developers seek online AngularJS support so that some experienced people can help and train them about this framework.

JavaScript Support is Must

JavaScript support is mandatory for using AngularJS and in the case your device has got JavaScript support disabled; there can be a severe problem for you. The situation may become worse when you have so many associated users. Anyhow, a professional AngularJS support person can help you in this regard.

Difficult to Learn

One of the top reasons that most of the new developers take help from AngularJS Job support is that they aren’t able to grasp everything at the initial stages. They become confused when they see the steep learning curve of this framework. However, with the passage of time and help from a professional they can make them face every challenge of this framework.

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