Titanium Thread Hyper Ledger Solution

Titanium Thread Hyper Ledger Solution

This latest technology is quite beneficial for companies to improvise their products and the process of supply chain. Based on Blockchain technology, it allows both buyers and consumers to get facilitated by a simple, transparent, and traceable process. It makes the supply chain better and faster for users because it connects them with image, location, and identity also. Most importantly, it proficiently creates a company's profile and the proper history of all its products.

Key Challenges

  • We went through lots of detailed discussions and meetings about a potential logic for the business app.
  • Since the client didn't have much technical knowledge, we explained to him everything from scratch.
  • We worked on all the third party tools including PLugins, API, and others.
  • We worked harder to meet the various challenges and demands of today’s business world.

Our Solutions

Af first, we worked on the most necessary areas of the project. Having a professional and highly-experienced team of Blockchain developers, we easily understood the project’s technical details, comparing them with other websites also. This application that we have designed works as:

  • It helps a user connect with the image
  • In the supply chain, it helps in identifying and locating each link.
  • Creating a proper profile it perfectly tells the story of a company and its products.
  • It’s ideal to establish a trust relationship with other brands.
  • The application integrates the vintage, region, and variety of the products that are received from suppliers.
  • It also helps stakeholders create strong trust networks with the products’ supply chain.

With all the extraordinary specialties, the application proved as a key to transform the supply chain solutions.


The final product was indeed a feature-rich supply chain solution that has been phenomenal in terms of high-performance. Today, the application is helping businesses to become more transparent with an easy-to-use platform for both buyers and consumers. Some of the core features of this Titanium Thread Hyper Ledger Solution include:

  • It effectively reduces winery operations.
  • Without any doubt, it makes the supply chain more efficient through better operational insights and analytics.
  • It helps a grower to promote its property and product.
  • Keeping proper transactions of a product, it makes record keeping more timely and accurate.
  • The product origins get full transparency through this application.

How Did Yexaa Implement the Application?

The professional developers of Yexaa efficiently implement the app timely. The 5 stars given by the client proved that he was more than happy by getting a portal that was beyond his expectations. The client has also extended more work with Yexaa.

How was the Experience with this Project?

We have always enjoyed developing something useful and beneficial to our clients. It was a learning experience to develop this particular application also. With frequent collaboration and timely reporting, we made sure that our development team and the client remain on the same page throughout the development process. To make the final delivery perfect, we also used agile mythologies throughout the discussions and testing.

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