HR Management Portal

HR Management Portal

Now it has become simple for you to have a digital and highly-advanced HR management portal for your employees’ data. From admin to managers, this portal provides you separate details for all, and helps in making better decisions than before. Through this particular HR management portal, you can easily manage all your HR activities online. Our professional development team has precisely developed this portal, following the best practices.

Key Challenges

  • One of the key challenges in this project was to come up with a solution as a whole that could cater all kinds of HR management functions, including employees' information, performance, payroll, training, management, and many more.
  • We had to come up with such an online HRM for the client that could save them both time and money.
  • We couldn’t afford any loss to the quality of the site.
  • We had to see all kinds of HRM challenges and demands.

Our Solutions

We brought some HRM experts in our development team and started our work with the most necessary and common areas of the project. Our senior remained active in the technical aspects of the portal, and we also reviewed competitors’ portal to see what’s right for them and what’s not. The four features of our solutions include:

  • Global: This particular HR portal is for both local/small businesses and global enterprises.
  • Financial Stability: Ensuring data compliance and critical payroll, it brings financial stability for the client.
  • Technology: With its own data center, it allows the client to have tight control on everything related to the HR.

With all these extraordinary solutions, this effective HR management solution delivered beyond the client’s expectations.


The final HR management product proved itself as a high performing and cost-effective solution for HR. We have shown this particular portal to many of our clients, and the majority of them have truly admired its potential features. Some of the core features of this online HR management solution include:

  • Easy Payroll
  • User-friendly interface
  • Admin and Employees' self-service
  • Document management
  • More recruitment options
  • Bona fide reports and graphs
  • Leaves management
  • And many more

How was the overall experience?

The overall experience while developing this HR management portal was simply fantastic. Our whole development team here at Yexaa delivered its best to fulfill the needs of today's business world. For our frequent collaboration and perfect development, the client was quite content while giving us 5 stars.

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