Database Searching Web App

Database Searching Web App

This Database Searching Web App allows you to search, edit, and update your database records. Through its advanced search functionalities, it presents the concerned data in a table before you. Our professional developers made full use of their years of experience in giving this app a perfect design and functionalities.

  • The client approached Yexaa to get a professional database searching web app that could meet all his business requirements.
  • The app needed to be friendly with the latest technologies like ReactJS, Thunk, Redux, and others.
  • The expected application had to be perfect not just in searching, but in editing as well.
  • The client wanted the web app developed with the latest and high quality features.
  • It was a tough job to get something searched and fetched from the database.

Our Solutions

Having a professional, dedicated, and highly experienced team of developers, we understood all the aspects of the required app smartly, and worked on them accordingly. Starting from the most important areas of the project, we finished it with a perfect touch of completeness. Some of the main features of our solutions for this particular project include:

  • This app allows giving a name to your search form so that you can connect it with the table.
  • You can also set criteria in the form through this app.
  • The appearance of the table changes with every new search through the database.


The final product developed by Yexaa proved to be cost-effective, high performing, easy-to-use, and beyond the expectations of the client. Having a perfect database searching solution, the client was more than happy to give us 5 stars for the work.

Some of the core features of the final product include:

  • 100% custom
  • Live and Instant data insights
  • More speed and security
  • Fast searching and editing

What was the overall experience?

Yexaa’s development team enjoyed working with the client and it was a great experience to develop such a database searching web app that could effectively benefit the business world. The app precisely helped the client to conquer his search requirements in a better and faster way. We also used agile methodologies to discuss and implements advanced solutions for this Database Searching Web App.

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