Pros and Cons of ReactJS

Benefits and Drawbacks of ReactJS for your business

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If it is talked about ReactJS, it won’t be unjust to say that it is one of the most-friendly frameworks for developers to make web and mobile applications. Based on JavaScript, It’s a unique, lightweight, and sophisticated JavaScript library that has given a pure life to thousands of web and mobile applications.

Providing better experience and scalability, ReactJS has gained immense popularity across the world in no time. Among all its excellent features, there is one thing that makes it one of the best frameworks and that is its ‘User-Interface (UI). It provides an exceptional UI by making perfect use of HTML and JavaScript together.

Designed by Facebook back in 2011, ReactJS is now also used by some of the big global names including Instagram, Whatsapp, Reddit, DailyMotion, The New York Times, CNN, and many others. it got a quick success because developers find it much easier to learn and implement on their applications. However, like every other framework or library, ReactJS also had both benefits and drawbacks that developers come across with time to time. Below, you can find some of the most common and extensively discussed benefits and drawbacks of this particular framework:

The Benefits of ReactJS

It's an easy-to-use open-source framework

If you compare it to other frameworks, you'll find that it is much easier to learn ReactJS. To become a developer of this framework, all you need to have is the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Unlike AngularJS, you don’t need to learn even typescript before dealing with this particular easy-to-use framework.

However, there may be some exceptional and advanced situations when you may need ReactJS online support from a professional developer.

Based on Components

It’s a great thing about this library that it’s fully based on components that you can also import and reuse. It saves a lot of time of yours when you can easily import codes from different levels to reuse them on a new platform.

Since all the components in ReactJS remain isolated, you can also easily manage with updates without any effects on the components. Moreover, any change in a particular component doesn’t hurt the others if you are using ReactJS.

High and Efficient Performance

It happens to be one of the top qualities of a framework that it should work with full efficiency even with huge user interactions and data updates. Professional ReactJS developers believe that it has got this quality that it effectively improves the user experience in some uncertain potential inconveniences.

Data Flows in One Direction

Since ReactJS allows developers to work with the components in a direct way, they precisely achieve more code stability in it. Moreover, the parent components receive no effects whenever there is any change in other components because, in this particular framework, data flows in one direction.

Fast Updates

When you are making a high-load application, it's important for you to evaluate the overall app performance since the structure will precisely impact it. Most importantly, in the case of updates, a framework has to function fast without any inconveniences.

All these you can expect from ReactJS because the framework allows faster updates in both server-side and the front-end support.

Other benefits of ReactJS may include:

  • Full support to both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Server-side rendering
  • SEO-friendly
  • Boosted productivity
  • Helpful developer toolset

The Drawbacks of ReactJS

Poor Documentation

Since new tools and documents are released consistently in ReactJS, the documentation remains poor rather difficult for developers. The majority of new developers face difficulties while integrating its latest tools. In this case, new developers have to take ReactJS support from some professionals when they get stuck in implementing a tool at their work.

A small community

The community of ReactJS is still quite small and inadequate to solve different problems of developers who get stuck in this library in different parts of the world. The community is not big enough to meet the needed response to the infinite problems.

However, the community still has some professional and reliable ReactJS job Support providers like Yexaa that are solving the problems of students, freshers, and professionals as well.

Some other Disadvantages of ReactJS may include:

  • Keeping changing architectures
  • Need configurations to incorporate it into MVC.
  • Unknown codes of new tools.

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