10 frameworks for Web Developers to learn in 2019

10 frameworks for Web Developers to learn in 2019

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Indeed, I have received many requests from people on Facebook concerning what they should learn this year. I have continuously written many articles to help them learn. This article presents the most famous frameworks that they can study in this year, 2019. This article is helpful to the Java developers. Additionally, any other developer can find it significant because it explores the essential information that they require in their career, particularly, Java job support. The article will help the developers to open new avenues in addition to helping the developers get bet jobs in the future.

Initially, I had stated that technology is ever dynamic and hence, something that was working very well 10 years ago may not function now. Therefore, it is a challenge for the Java developers and any other developers, to ensure that they remain current with the changes in that technology.

Therefore, it is crucial for the programmers with a rich experience in this field to have a wider scope of knowledge of the recent and powerful tools that are useful in development of applications.

In my portfolio, I am aware that Hibernate and Spring are useful for Java developers. However, I am yearning to study and learn frameworks that work with Big Data, for example, Hadoop and Spark. This is the objective for this year.

Top 10 Frameworks Programmers Ought to Learn in 2019

The following is a highlight of the great frameworks that you need to consider learning this year, 2019. There have been substantial modifications in the way in which they are applied in the development of the web application, especially, ReactJs, hence, it is essential to learn them and understand them.


It is another type of JavaScript framework that is on the 2019 learning list. It offers an entirely client-side solution. Angular can be useful in creating web pages which are dynamic on the end user side. It offers templates that are declarative, an injection that is dependent, tooling in end-to-end mode and it also integrates the perfect practices necessary to solve the usual challenges experienced on the end user side or the client side.

Because it is part of the JS library, it can be incorporated on HTML pages by implementing tag. It then functions to extend the attributes of HTML by Directives and then joins data with HTML with the aid of Expressions.

The fact that Google is behind Angular, you can be certain by its functionality, and steady modernizes. I believe that Angular will be in existence for a long time and thus investment in it is worth doing. In case you make a decision to learn this framework this year, it advisable to start with a review of Angular Fundamentals, authored by Pluralsight.

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Truly, JavaScript is the best programming language. Bearing this in mind, Node.js has a crucial role to play in this language. Conventionally, JS had applications in the scripting of language on the end user, and it was used in line with HTML to give an unsteady trend. It can run on the browser. However, Node.js enables running of the JavaScript on the servers.

Node.js is an open-source platform in the JavaScript run time environment in executing the code on the servers. Node,js can also create web pages on server end before sending them to the end user. Therefore, it is possible to implement front to back application that links the client to the server.

Spring Boot

I have used Spring Boot for many years now. When I first knew this framework, I was surprised by its lack of relative configuration. However, it was a simple task writing a Java application using Spring Boot.

This is another JavaScript library that is applied in the creation of the user interfaces. Facebook and Instagram maintain this framework. Additionally, corporations and private developers maintain this library. It is utilized in creation of large applications for the web, which are ever changing without refreshing the web page.


This is another famous open source, front end framework in the web applications which is used in the design of websites and applications. It was introduced by Twitter. It offers CSS and HTML templates for buttons, forms, navigation, and typography. Additionally, it is used for the optional JavaScript extensions. It can support a web design that is responsive, meaning that the web page layout is dynamically adjusting in relation to the screen size of the browser.

It really rules the world. It simplifies the end user scripting and therefore, I advise all developers to learn jQuery. It can support animation, sending HTTP requests, reloading of web pages, and also performing the client validation through the implementation of some codes.

Spring Security 5

It is vital to appreciate that there exists no substitute for security. Spring Security is synonymous with the security of the web when it comes to the Java programming world. It is therefore sensible that you are updated with its latest release this year, 2019.

Apache Hadoop

In 2019, many companies are focusing on Big Data and Automation. Therefore, it is necessary for programmers to learn the technologies associated with Big Data such as Hadoop and Spark. Hadoop is a framework that allows dispersed processing of datasets that are big among computers through simple models of programming.

It scales from single servers to numerous machines, which provide storage and computation. It is founded on Map Reduce in the development of scalable and reliable software for computing applications.

Apache Spark

It is another framework for big data that is becoming popular in recent programming developments. It is very fast and in addition to an elegant data processing capability and development. It enables efficient streaming and machine learning.

It can also be applied in ETL, Data Science and Machine learning to Hadoop.

I have explored all the frameworks that you need to learn in 2019. There is a great demand for these frameworks, especially, Spring, Angular, and Node.js. Even though you are settled in your current job, this will function as job support from India. I, therefore, urge you to get this job support as a Java developer.

In case you are not certain on how to adopt new technology, i.e., programming languages, library or framework, then watch out for my post on 10 ways to learn a new technology.